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Home Energy Squad offering discounted audits for homeowners

home energy squad ir cameraIs your home optimized for energy savings? Now is a great time to find out!

The City of Woodbury is encouraging energy efficiency by offering 100 discounted Home Energy Squad enhanced visits to city residents. The Home Energy Squad program is provided by Xcel Energy and Centerpoint Energy and delivered by the local nonprofit, Center for Energy and Environment (CEE).

During the visit, a team of energy consultants will come to your home, evaluate your energy savings opportunities and:

  • Install energy saving materials (including LED lightbulbs, a programmable thermostat, door weather-stripping, a water heater blanket, and high-efficiency showerheads and faucet aerators).
  • Complete an insulation inspection using an infrared camera.
  • Perform a blower door test to measure your home for air leaks.
  • Complete a combustion safety test and carbon monoxide check.
  • Provide you with a customized report with additional recommendations.

If your home needs insulation or air sealing, the energy auditor will provide a quote for the recommended work and can connect you to a qualified contractor that will honor the quote. After the inspection is complete the homeowner receives a customized report which includes a home performance score, summary of the findings and a prioritized list of next steps.

The Home Energy Squad Enhanced visit is available to homeowners and renters. Normally offered at a cost of $100, the first 100 Woodbury residents who sign up receive a discount and pay only $70 at the end of their home visit. If your home seems drafty or you would like help lowering energy bills, call the Home Energy Squad today at (651) 328-6221.