• City seeks input about Central Park

    City seeks input about Central Park

  • Take the Plunge on Feb. 13!

    Take the Plunge on Feb. 13!

  • Central Bark Pet Expo Feb. 27

    Central Bark Pet Expo Feb. 27

  • Stay safe this winter season

    Stay safe this winter season


Winter Safety reminders

Getting ready for winter doesn't always take a lot of work. Sometimes it’s just a few little things that can make the difference between safety and suffering: having a survival kit in your car, changing the batteries in your carbon monoxide detector, staying well-hydrated during outdoor fun. 

A little patience and a cooperative attitude are essential ingredients for getting through the winter plowing season. When we as citizens, plowing contractors, and city crews work together, we can reduce frustrations that sometimes accompany winter snowstorms. There are many things residents can do to minimize plowing-related problems for themselves and to assure that city crews do the most effective job possible:

  • Stay five car-lengths behind a plow and do not pass it. Snow plows often back up and don't always follow normal traffic patterns.
  • Kids should not build "snow forts" in cul-de-sacs or at the side of the road where snow often piles up. This can be extremely dangerous.
  • On garbage day, be sure to keep your garbage and recycling bins well behind the curb.

For more winter safety tips, see the Top 10 Winter Safety Tips.


Adopt-a-Hydrant program

When the snow falls, would firefighters be able to find the hydrant near your home? Make sure they can by becoming a "Hydrant Hero" and "adopting" a fire hydrant near your home!

To emphasize the importance and inject some fun into a potentially back-breaking task, the City of Woodbury would like to recognize its "Hydrant Heroes" by posting their photos on the city's Facebook page and Twitter feed. Just send in a digital photo of you and your "adopted" fire hydrant along with your name and the location of your fire hydrant (street name is fine) to info@ci.woodbury.mn.us and the city will post it!

At a minimum, residents who have hydrants nearby are asked to make sure the hydrant is cleared of snow enough to make it visible from the street. Even better is to clear the snow 3 feet around the hydrant so that firefighters can easily connect a hose.

If you prefer, there is no need to notify the city about a hydrant you have adopted, as this is an informal volunteer program. Your help is appreciated. For more information, see the Adopt-a-Hydrant page or contact the Public Works Department at (651) 714-3720 or email publicworks@ci.woodbury.mn.us.

Winter Parking Restrictions

With the start of the winter snow season, Woodbury residents and their guests need to be aware that the city's winter parking regulations once again are in effect.

To facilitate plowing, parking on city streets is banned between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. from Nov. 1 through April 1. City ordinance No. 1604 also prohibits on-street parking any time two or more inches of snow have accumulated, until after the street has been completely plowed. The two-inch guideline applies to any hour of the day, any time of the year.

The winter parking ordinance does not apply to private streets (marked with a blue street sign), only to public roadways. Residents who violate the ordinance will be issued an administrative citation. Questions about the winter parking regulations or snow removal procedures may be directed to the Public Works Department, (651) 714-3720 or publicworks@ci.woodbury.mn.us.

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