In 2011, the City Council adopted the following mission, vision and value statements for the city:


"A leading community in which to live, work, and thrive."


Woodbury will continue to be a leading community where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. Through professionalism, responsive service and leadership, we will strengthen our tradition of public trust and effective resource management.


Exceeding Expectations: Professional – Responsive – Leaders

Critical Success Factors

The City Council has identified seven components that are essential to the success of the community. These are the guiding principles that govern the council's strategic planning for Woodbury's future. The seven components, together with the result the city wishes to achieve, are:


Woodbury residents feel safe in their person and their property. The city provides high quality, visible, protective services and works with other agencies serving our citizens to provide similarly high quality services.

Quality of Life

Woodbury maintains a high quality living environment characterized by:

  1. open space
  2. quality parks, and
  3. attractive neighborhoods with:
    1. a variety of life cycle housing options
    2. convenient access to a wide range of private sector services (e.g. health care), and
    3. convenient access to high quality discretionary public services (e.g. recreation)

The city directly implements those aspects of the physical and service environment for which it is responsible and promotes provision of desired services by other private and governmental agencies in areas outside its own responsibility.

Positive Economy

Woodbury has a progressive, customer-oriented business community and a range of employment opportunities. The city monitors this area and provides leadership to promote achievement and bring together other parties as necessary to continue success.


Schools serving Woodbury residents achieve, and are perceived as achieving, outstanding results. The city supports school districts with their building needs and with the maintenance of a safe, positive environment for learning in the school buildings within Woodbury.


All people in Woodbury feel a sense of ownership in the community as shown by participation in many active organizations meeting the social and spiritual needs of the people living within Woodbury's boundaries. The city is one means for citizens to meet the community's needs but the city's role is to be a partner with other organizations, promoting and supporting their efforts, not being the primary builder of community.

City Services

The city emphasizes the use of appropriate technology, equipment and infrastructure to provide services at a high level relative to other communities and at a cost perceived by residents as giving excellent value for taxes paid. The city not only implements those systems for which it has responsibility but promotes maintenance of an adequate level of service by other governmental and private entities serving our population.


Woodbury strives to be a sustainable community that promotes community health and wellness through the protection of the environment. The city assesses and improves its development practices, city and community energy use, and use of its natural resources in order to not use resources at the expense of future generations. The city's role is to establish and implement policies, guidelines, goals and strategic actions to protect air and water quality, preserve natural areas, conserve energy, and reduce waste.

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