2016 Caucuses

In Minnesota, precinct caucuses will take place Tuesday, March 1, at various locations. To find a caucus location near you, visit the Minnesota Secretary of State’s Caucus Finder at www.caucusfinder.sos.state.mn.us. The Caucus Finder works similar to the polling place finder and provides precinct caucus locations for the Republican and Democratic-Farmer-Labor parties.


National, state and county general elections also are held in November of even-numbered years.

National, state and county primaries are held in August of even-numbered years. Minnesota has a consolidated primary ballot that allows voters to make a secret choice of a major party primary.

In 2016, the primary election will take place Aug. 9. The general election will be held Tuesday, Nov. 8. Visit the Secretary of State's website for more information on elections, including where to vote.