Updated: June 22, 2009

Cottage Grove Drive was disconnected from Valley Creek Road in fall 2006. This work was part of improvements necessary for the reconstruction of Valley Creek Road in this area. The disconnect was needed to reduce traffic on Cottage Grove Drive and begin establishing traffic patterns in the area. After extensive review of potential traffic control options at the Valley Creek Road/old Cottage Grove Drive intersection, the city decided to maintain the existing stop signs on Valley Creek Road at this location. The stop signs will be removed when Valley Creek Road is reconstructed. The city deemed it appropriate to maintain the existing stop signs at this location for the following reasons:

  • Limited sight distance at this location
  • Safe access to and from existing home sites along Valley Creek Road

Based upon these factors, the City Council adopted a resolution on Nov. 29, 2006, specifically to maintain stop signs at this location on an interim basis, until the reconstruction of Valley Creek Road occurs.

The reconstruction of Valley Creek Road had been planned to occur in either 2008 or 2009. However, based on further analysis of the operational need for the project, the city found that the existing traffic volumes do not currently warrant upgrade to a four-lane section and may not for some time. The current hill at the old Cottage Grove Drive intersection is sub-standard, but there have been no crash problems attributable to the vertical curvature. For these reasons, the city has decided to postpone the project indefinitely.

The City Council revisited the stop sign issue when the Valley Creek Road reconstruction project was postponed indefinitely. For the reasons identified above, the Council has decided that the stop signs are still appropriate.