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Friday, April 25, 2014

BSC Expansion Project



The “air bubble” domed field house at Bielenberg Sports Center (BSC) had a life expectancy of 15 to 20 years and it kicked off its 17th indoor season in January 2012. The interior “turf” was wearing thin and needed to be replaced, the doors and lighting needed upgrading, and the exterior fabric on the bubble was nearing the end of its useful life.

 The city’s population has doubled since the “dome” opened in 1995 and an expanded facility – from its current 50,000 square feet to approximately 90,000 square feet – will better serve residents now and as the city continues to grow.

The expanded facility is scheduled to open in the spring of 2014.

Minnesota United FC addition

  The Minnesota United FC and the City of Woodbury have announced a partnership to make the 320-acre Bielenberg Sports Center the official training facility for the professional soccer club, beginning in 2014.     The  field house was primarily used by the local athletic associations for soccer and indoor baseball/softball. The public also used the walking/running track. The expanded facility will increase capacity during high-peak times, create additional space for new programs/activities such as football and lacrosse, and allow for community-wide events.
{Outdoor refridgerated pleasure ice rink|closed}
Rendering of the outdoor pleasure rinkOn the east side of the building an outdoor refrigerated recreational skating rink will be built. Rink will have an outdoor fireplace, with access to the concession stand from the outside.


The second floor will have a bar/restaurant, overlooking both the field house and west rink.

Madison's Place universal access playground and Beilenberg splash pad


Located on the  South end of new field house, Madison's playground and new splash pad with be built, equipped with its own bathroom facilities.

Other design features

In addtion to the above features, the expansion includes:

  • a building for storing vehicles and equipment to maintain the outdoor fields;
  • a geothermal heating/cooling system;
  • solar panels for heating the water in the building;
  • a standing seam metal roof that will last 50 years;
  • an arched roof design; windows to welcome natural light; and upgrading the existing indoor skating rink exteriors to meet the city’s architectural standards.

Pope Associates Inc. is providing architectural services; Kraus-Anderson will manage construction services. 

Energy savings

To reduce heating costs inside the “dome,” the  field house temperature in the winter was maintained at  50 degrees. This was uncomfortable at times for users, especially for friends and family members watching participants from the sidelines. Replacing the dome with a permanent structure will create a more comfortable space during the winter and increase its year-round use.

In addition, the city is planning other opportunities for more energy savings. For example, there may be potential for using the warm air rejected to cool the ice rinks to heat the expanded field house.

Tax impact

The city has been planning to address the aging field house since 2010. The bonds issued via the 1994 referendum to construct BSC will be paid off in 2015, and bonds issued to acquire open space property in 1998 will be paid off in 2019. To help fund the BSC expansion project, the city will continue these revenue sources for the new bonding. Therefore, no tax increase will be needed for this project.

The proceeds scheduled to be released from these bonds, plus approximately $4.5 million from city reserves and $461,000 in equity contributions from the Park Dedication Fund are expected to pay for the expansion.

Visit the Bielenberg Sports Center website for more information.
If you have questions or comments related to the BSC Expansion Project, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .